Things I Used To Suck At But Since Having Been Here, Suck Slightly Less At

I’ve got like 2.5 hours of straight chilling in internet before Dad and Chad arrive and I AM WAY TOO EXCITED TO DO ANYTHING ELSE.So enjoy this blog post of self validation. Rather, enjoy this list of self validation. Because lists are neat and organized and for the most part I live a life of disheveled sweatyness so let me get away with this lack of eloquence.

Things Hadden is now kind of not awful at in life:

1. Biking in a skirt. No way in hull was I wearing pants all through hot season (100 deg at night, let’s not talk about high noon). So suck it J. Crew, I have mastered stylish whimsicality in Burkina. And I think I’ve only flashed like 120 people, tops!

2. Picking my battles. No, I don’t need to lecture the drunk man calling me over to talk only because I’m a woman and he can totally tell me what to do because #patriarchy of the importance of second wave feminism. Yes, I do need to constantly remind everyone that my top students in math are not, in fact, all boys. And also that you can’t just tell me you want to marry me. You have to take me out to dinner and present a 3 karat diamond ring from Tiffany’s (will accept family heirloom pending further negotiation). Just kidding, you can’t marry me because I don’t want to. And I feel very strongly about everyone I talk to understanding that No means No.

And yes, I do need to babysit my tailor for 2 hours while he re-works a dress so I don’t feel like a total Frumplestiltskin when I go to work. This is crucial.

3. Local Language. My French still sucks, though. Whoops.

4. Patience. Let’s be honest, this one is a very slight improvement. Now, instead of flipping a table when my 14 year old students have trouble multiplying 7 and 9, a little part of my soul simply dies off, and we do more practice problems.

5. Leaning In. Happy? Be happy. Take that happy ass out on the town. Kiss babies, play soccer, day drink millet beer with the locals. Sad? Angry? Frustrated? Allow these feelings, go eat some fried dough and read Barbara Kingsolver. Chances are your snack lady will throw in a gift and every thing will be wonderful.

6. Liking Thunderstorms. They are actually the coolest things about being in Burkina because 1. Lighting is so baller here and 2. Sun is so overrated. Seriously, could probably do without it for the next year or so.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, peeps! And pray for my students again come October, they gon’ need it.

S6. Liking Thunderstorms


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