Signs You’ve Been In Country Too Long (At the 7 month mark)

-Ivorian music starts to sound good.

-Getting things done during the 12PM-3PM repose (African siesta) is damn near impossible because that’s naptime.

-Basic computational math becomes rocket science (this is likely induced by the heat, or paying for something in your 3rd language).

-Tea length skirts and dresses are totally cute and a universally flattering cut, why would you even want to show your knees?

-Stomach cramping and horrendous bowel movements are normal, so long that it doesn’t happen more than 3 times a day for 3 consecutive days. Also those roadside fries were worth it.

-Wanting to wash down that plate of rice you just had with a loaf of bread. (Is butter a carb?)

-Sitting in silence while those around you have animated conversations in a melange of 3 different languages you really don’t understand counts as “social plans”. And you start to look forward to these.

-Mixing French/ local lang words into your daily vernacular in English becomes second nature (see above usage of “melange”)

In other news, my wonderful friend Bridget graciously invited me down to her village to party in the New Year which was wonderful and we got to do lots of fun “village” things like pump water, eat our weights in rice and spaghetti, and dance like maniacs.