Sooooo….It’s Been A While

Hey y’all!

A quick breakdown of the last 4 months:

-Moved to my site, Dedougou, it’s awesome, I have good food here. And sweet, kind, ladies who made good food for me. So I’m pretty well set up.

-Started teaching math. I teach 2 classes that are the equivalent of 7th grade and there are 85 kids in each class. Let’s just say teaching is not my forte, which is why I….

-Started tutoring at my Lycee. I work with exam classes (3eme and Terminal, and at the end of each of those grades the students have to take a huge national exam) to teach them english and math. They’re a bit older than my students and because they have to pass these exams to continue their education, they are extremely dedicated. I enjoy this.

-I also teach IT to some older kids at a couple private schools in my area. They love it. I pray for Jesus to take the wheel when I can’t properly explain how “double clicking” works.

Right now, I’m at IST which is teaching us various skills and such that we can use to launch “secondary projects” which might be more health/ economic developmentally related as opposed to education, which is our sector.

This is probably the most unsatisfying thing to read because it’s like “HADDEN WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! YOU DON’T CALL!? YOU DON’T WRITE!? YOU DON’T TEXT?!” So much happens everyday but that’s the general update. Will have to get better about taking down stories of my yelling at children in Jula (local lang) or various misadventures at my tailor (high waisted pants do not look good on me and yet are extremely popular, the struggle is real) But the take-away message here is that I am happy and healthy and it’s not as unbearably hot as it has been. Casually dreading hot season (starting in March- when I will likely update my blog again).