Model School

This week in staging, we started model school where we’re each assigned a class and teach in that class for 4 weeks. I’m teaching 3eme (the equivalent of 9th grade) and it’s an absolute mess because it’s the first time I’ve taught a class of 35 kids in a language I started learning a month ago. Cut to a psycho Nasara yelling at bunch of 15 year olds in broken French in the hopes that they understand enough to comprehend that finding the conjugate of a square root is both fun and engaging. Not to mention I confused all of my kids for a solid 5 minutes when I forgot to put a tail on my 9 because you need those here. But you’re supposed to be bad at teaching now because it’s not a “real” class and it’s okay to make mistakes. Right? RIGHT!?

Type A Hadden is loosing it just a little.