Site Announcement!

I just found out where I will be placed in-country for the next two years on Wednesday!

Basically the whole week leading up to site announcements I was a nervous wreck. As I freaked out on my family, my host mama told me she was praying for me (do those prayers count for more during Ramadan? Asking for a friend…) and my mantra for the week has been “J’ai Allah avec moi”. Which doesn’t really do anything because I’m all sorts of non-spiritual but hey, you take the dieties you can get, right?

My site is a city called Dedougou and it’s the regional capital in the Central-West part of the country. This is absolutely amazing because it’s an urban environment so the usual amenities will be easier to find (ie electricity/ internet/ a variety of food to cook with etc) and rumor has it I have a pretty bitchin’ house so holla at me MTV Cribz PCBF edition. I’m a little bummed because it means I don’t get a true “Peace Corps Unplugged” experience. However I distinctly remember reading a blog and being shocked at someone’s dismay at getting a site with electricity because he thought PC didn’t think he could tough it out. So I’m considering myself extremely lucky! I also share my site with another Volunteer which is great because now I have another American in my site which is rare in PC and most Volunteers are the only one stationed at their site, with the exceptions of marriages, etc…

OH OH OH there’s apparently a Catholic Center near my house that makes cheese. HELLS. YES. Hope they sell to Catholics of the fallen variety.

I’m a little far away from other peeps in my stage but ‘tis Gucci, as I will use all of my capital goodies (ie le fromage) to get them to come to me!

Whoo hooo! Amped for site visits next week!

One thought on “Site Announcement!”

  1. Oh this is exciting! Can’t wait to hear all about the new digs…I think electricity could be awesome!!! True experience be damned 🙂 I am sure all your crazy experiences add up to one big nutty adventure…xoxoxo

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